The Busou Shinki are a class of mass-produced combat android of compact size and enhanced subspace-manipulation abilities. They are techno-organic, with an engineered substructure and a synthoplasmic overlay based on spliced humanoid DNA, similar in concept to Pretenders with permanently attached shells.

These robots are sentient and sapient, with low-level mind functions handled by a triple system of resonant subspace artifacts, known as CSC orbs. According to the writings of Polenicus, their consciousness is a byproduct of this system.

The Shinki are rarely seen, at present, in this Alternity, but may have been more common in the past. All known examples are similar in appearance to a human or elven female, sometimes with limited animal features. They may be connected with the Multiverse Management Society.

Little is known about the Busou Shinki, but Synchro is thought to have written extensively on the subject. This datatrack is lost, but known from surviving fragments, and references in other works.

Busou Shinki have been known to use 'Konami' or 'GoBotron' as expletives. What significance these may have is unknown.

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