Masterforce is a body-armor and cybernetic-interface technology for organic or techno-organic creatures, developed by the Micron scientists of Planet Master.

The technology is allegedly powered by phoney-bologna mystic stuff, and activated by a set of bracelets, worn on the user's wrist, known as Masterbraces. Clink them together, speak the activation code (if necessary), and the user's organic structures are reversibly reformatted, on a molecular scale, into cybernetic systems, with added external armor and equipment. This has the appearance of an exosuit, but it actually functions as part of the user's body, fully integrated with sensory and repair systems.

While the Masterforce upgrade is applied, the user is functionally similar to a Micron, and some versions even allow transformation into alternate modes.

The transformation looks a lot cooler if a bystander plays the theme song.

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