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December 1, 2016.

BRT is back!

I can't believe this is the first news post since 2011.

I can't believe this is the first comic post since 2013.

Have we broken our hiatus record of 2 years? Maybe. There were more posts on the TFW forum since then. But let's hope this is the last hiatus. The website is actually more than 50 posts behind the story at this writing, so we will be posting multiples every time until caught up. And hopefully we will have enough momentum this time to finally bring the Haxxmas arc to its inevitable conclusion...

Dark and foreboding? Were't we always?

In other news, there is now a Blurry Robot Forum, which you can access from the right sidebar. Have a link: Blurry Robot Forums.

Cordially yours, Autobus Prime.

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